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#64 PART 2

#64 PART 2











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5. Mortgage Rates:

Mortgageyour preferred loan officer is truly looking out for your best interests.
When the media reports that the Fed is moving rates down, it always seems that home loan rates go up. What aboutmonthly obligations that factor into your overall mortgage payment.s to be aware of the expenses involved in owning real estate in order to set a monthly budget that is true to your financial goals and expectations.
y Protection
Establishing Credit
4. Mortgage Payments:
… more about (Mortgage Payments)

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AmortizPa… more about (Understanding Credit)

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Determining if you’re getting the best deal at any given moment boils down to whether or not you trust that 
Rate Indicators
Rate vs APR
Get A Quote
Fortunately, there are economic indicators addition to mortgagLinks:
Open Accounts
Do’s and Don’ts
Ie rates, there are many otherying Interest

HOA Dues, Hazard Insurance, Home Warranties, Property Taxes…. to name a few.
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Conventionalzing how man they should be able to answer.

… more about (Mortgage Rates)

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Shopping Ratese points vs no points, and APR?ation Schedule
Calculating Payments
Mortgage Insurance
Hazard Insurance

Basically, there is a correct way to shop for the best rate, and it starts by asking your loan officer eight simple question
Reverse – comes first – the approval or the purchase contract?

Once you hapection and loan approval date
With regards to a refinance, s thatrmining Rates rates can fluctuate several times a day, and are influenced by many factors that are out of the loan officer’s control.
 that impact the typical movement of interest rate markets which you can be aware on a daily basis.

6. Mortgage Programs:

It’s ama
Detey mortgage 
Can the type of Home Owners Association affect your loan approval? Absolutely.
203k Rehab
VA Loans
7. Home Buying Process:

If you’re feeling
… more about (Home Buying Process)
ve weighed the basic pros and cons of owning a home vs renting, tax benefits and timely market influences, assembling a winning team of real estate and mortgage professionals will help you cover all of your bases.

There are also some very important time lines that you’ll need to be aware of, such as appraisal, home ins
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Before you start shop actually qualify for a new government sponsored program that has been designed with current market conditions in mind.

… more about (Mortgage Programs)
With the right 
Rent vs Buy
Preparing Your Agent
Buying Foreclosureshome buying team on your side, the closing process should be a smooth transition from signed documents to closing. a little anxious at this 
FHAyou mayd and variable
point, then that just means you’re actually taking this home buying thing serious.

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you are kept in the loop throughout the entire home buying process.
erstanding the difference between the fixeping for a listing that fits your living needs, it would be extremely beneficial to know what type of lending scenario best fits the type of property or neighborhood you’re looking to 
Earnest Money
8. Closing Process:

If this were cub scouts, you would have already received several badges and awards by this point.

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